more stuff

sooo, some stuff I've been doing. Christmas picture included, one for lawls. and an uncomplete size chart, need to add 4 more characters.


The Candy Well

I actually have been doing a lot of stuff this winter, I just haven't completely finished every thing. But I have finished this, which I'm pretty happy with. I'm working on a new story, actually kid friendly, hurrah, difference. But yea it's full of kitty's and people and dancing and pies! Nasty lil dream pies. It's rather fun, and a request from my sister. So yea.



so yea, more sequential things :-3. I think the Nightmare pic probably could of gone without the words on the top but I wanted it to look like the Phantom of the Opera poster so, I guess it works. In any case, it is the Nightmare font so..yea



ha....I'm happy


staying inside

OmG I could kill myself for making a hut X3
Oh well, outside of some fixes I'm almost positive I'll be making, the inside of Jambalaya's hut is done. **and there was much rejoicing* yay

now I might have a wee bit time to work on that Nightcrawler flash for temple, and maybe to a separate image for back up reasons, I'm not really sure if Blogger uploads .swf files. And if I miss a day based on Nightcrawler, then the world would end, and it'd be my fault :-/
Then I'd get complaint letters, which are no fun.


background crazy

I'm not sure if it's the monitor or what, but the color on these seem to be a whole lot more dull then how they are suppose to be. Monitors don't agree with me. :-/
anyway, three backgrounds for my senior project (out of 14 Xo) but...the color on these uploaded ones are really bothering me...cause that's not right...


Movies to look foward too


well I mean, this was posted a few weeks ago, but I find it exciting.

Tim Burton + Alice in Wonderland + Stop-motion + a dash of Johnny Depp = Win.

not to mention a few other goodies, yay more pirate movies :-3
I'm not a fan of on going sequels myself...but I can never get enough of those pirates! Especially the hate chemistry between Barbossa and Jack.

Maybe they'll leave out the love birds in this one <3
Hopefully they wont do anything stupid and make it super retarded.

Uhhhhmmm there is other cool news in that link to, but I can't recall at this moment, so like, read it.


Fake mediums

well that was fun! coolest part, this is all in Photoshop! I know right, that's super cool. I have no real practice in the painterly effect, as I've spent all my life trying to make things look clean lol, so pardon the mess ^^;.

It was still really fun to do though, a super cool thing to play with.



yea, I'm weird, whatever X)
this is a animation I made in Photoshop with the new 3-D video layer thing. for the most part, it pretty much equals awesome, except I would like more control with the frame timings and such without having to convert it into thousands of layers.
So yea, straight ahead animation, obviously, as he changes sizes, but really it was just a fun thing to do


art tossin

yea fun times. You can color the venture one if you want X)
It's a challenge, that's for sure.
So the first two pics are something I did for my guild, we had to include all the active guild members, and I chose the theme of VENTURE, or more specifically, MONARCH.
Very exciting I thought (looky look! I'm Mrs. Dr. The Monarch) The last pic is just a doodle I did for fun, started out as messin around on the centique, then I turned it into something. I like it :-)
woo, I'm so artistically active when I'm in school lol.


Back at school!! :-D

Strange it seems that all I draw when I'm "chill drawing" is fat crossdressers XD. (bad ones XD). But yay! I'm back in school! Now maybe I can get inspired to do my demo reel for Disney. I gotta do it for Oct 20th, don't let me be lazy :-).

So yea, I'm excited. So expect an outrage of blogs ^^. Not to mention people people I link to will be active as well. Very excited, yay school ^^.



I never knew how much the Disney store...really needs people to pre-order their movies 0.0. How do I know this? Cause, often when I'm on the floor, that's what I'm selling. Dude, if you wanna make someone's day at the Disney store, pre-order the movie they are promoting, the WHOLE store will love you for it. No seriously, even if your the "only one", you'll be loved. It's amazing how many people ignore you when your talking to them lol.
It is fun there though, wouldn't be so peppy about it anywhere else lol. I can just imagine, "Hey, wanna pre-order.....Bratz on Dvd??? *shudder*"
Yay, quick coming


Oh...my...God....their back :'-D

Disney Animation

Ok. I'm going to be as calm about this as possible. That site up there, has nothing to do with the ever....unhelpful Disney.com.
Rather, (OMG Pixar I love you) due to Disney Animation Studios getting their soul back from the Devil, they are once again focusing on the film aspects of things. I'm just going to say...that yes, I nearly had a heart attack while looking through the site. NOTE to my fellow student animators, READ their FAQ as if it were a animators bible, and not the production kind. They not only practically smack into what people want to see in portfolios and such, but also give you lovely tips of kindness, such as, "NO you don't need professional experience....if your good <:-D"
What does this mean?
Enough slacking around just drawing this and that! I got till Oct 20th to submit my stuff to Disney, and I'm actually going to do it this time. I'll get some rough animation (a scene or something) done in my Senior Project, layout some backgrounds and draw people and animals like crazy! Quick sketch that is. As Disney is coming back to life before my eyes I can't help but become overwhelmed with joy. For the longest I thought that Disney was gone, faded away into the shadows of Pixar and insults like that cursed yippy dog movie (Not Bolt...the..other one..I can't spell, you know, the dogs that kinda look like rats).
BUT LOW AND BEHOLD!! They cometh! they cometh back!! Hopefully...very strong. Unfortunately so much lies on the head of Princess and the Frog, as it already is filled with controversy (kinda ridiculous in my opinion, I'm happy they chose to have a black princess) I'm a little worried. But I shouldn't, Disney is, I'm sure, more then aware


On that note, I've pretty much decided I wanna be a storyboard artist. For sure. Quinn got me hooked on it and Nolan got me loving to present them :-3
I <3 my crazy professors!


Fun with Scratchboard

Just some fun I'm havin with my scratchboard tool. Oh how greatful to God I am for that wonderful Corel tool lol. Top image is the every awesome Dr. WifeofMonarch in her queen butterfly suit (which I love!) and the bottom is a random lil comic page I did for a guild member in my Gaia guild. Anyway, outside of Dr. WifeofMonarch's face (er Sheela) I'm pretty happy with the two. I can never get her face right 0.0. Seriously, even in the previous picture it looked kinda wonked. I make her look kinda manly....maybe cause I have her voice in the back of my head? Not sure.


HE'S OLD! he lived in a van down by the river!!

He's a cockney geezer!! No I like him, originally it was meant for something else but that person said it wasn't really what he was looking for...at all lol, so in such case, the old man is mine now. I think I can think of something for him, he makes me smile. I'm gunna shave his head though, make him bald. Because all the good crazies are bald.


UPDATE!!! Princess and the Frog!


Yes sir! Finally we get to see something more then just that balcony picture! Heck! They did a good job keepin' this sucker under wraps ^^ But it's out now!! Many thanks to the Disney Blog, which you can visit via my side bar.
This is HIGHLY exciting!! Apparently the official website is up as well! Much rejoicing!!


SUPPORT DISNEY! Disney supports you :-3


summer summer summer time

So suddenly I got my drawing kick in. It's been a little more slow paced then usual (normally after a long spout of drawing, out will pop like...100 pictures) but hey, I'm happy. Quality over quantity I guess (though nice to have both :-P )
Anyway, the top picture, if you know me at all, you know that...I draw chipmunks as the equivalent to others chibi's. It's almost a trademark lol. Anyway, that's me and a friend of mine, Kelli, our Second Life avis' in our twin outfits. I'm super happy with the coloring, I kinda took a note from Nolan's coloring method but like.... colored it different lol. more airbrushy, anti-alias if you will (nolan hates that XD). But the flats are all like he does it, it's the shading that'd different.
It's a lovely coloring technique, really it is, for the patient. It just sometimes bothers me to see it all pixely and pretty later lol. I like fast results 0.0

Anyway, the second picture was for my mama who wanted a picture for her myspace (we kinda forced her to get one lol). It's all with the scratchboard tool on Corel (my love, my life, what would I ever do without you?!) I was goin for the 50's housewife look. Not typically something I focus on at all, but my mama wanted it, and what mama wants, mama gets. Anyway, I'm happy with how they both turned out. They were both colored two very different ways, both styled two different ways, but I think you can see me in them :-3 Probably all the roundness 0.0
I don't think I draw ANYTHING with hard edges... Might of accidentally gained that habit from Lilo & Stitch...


just a day in the life of me

Not really an artful update, but how many times in my life can I say I caressed the chin of Hellboy and stroked Darkness's arm muscle?
Very rarely. While maybe one day I might be lucky enough to meet Ron Pearlman dressed in red (doubtful) this will have to do for now.
Should you ever have a chance to go to a wax museum, I suggest it, it is severely fun!

and full of hot red muscles



It's amazing how little I want to draw when I'm out of school. This is most likely because I am mostly inspired by my friends, especially our more then bizarre conversations. Without having people to knock ideas off of to grow into an enormous amount of WTH? I'm quite unmotivated. So, I drew us in hopes that it helped lol. We got our jokingly acclaimed ring leader (though half way true) Brent in the center, our commodity Justin in the hat, Kelli stealin my tablet pen, Amanda trying to scare the camera and Stacie looking innocent...but we all know better. So I guess it's just a fun pic. OH Shout out to Brent who's birthday is tomorrow!

my...guess of the school colors in the back...what is our school colors anyway?


Hey Pasties!

I wanted a cool picture of myself too (everyone else does XD). Now see, I use to pretty much work 100% in Corel, and really I still love working in Corel, because it's sensitivity to the tablet is quite lickable, but there is no pen tool to my knowledge, and lately I've been getting fast with the pen tool! (like my high school days, ah memories of the mouse.) But yea, now I have a decent me drawing...with very large lips 0.0.

On that note, I'm doing commissions should anyone be interested. I need some money and to continue drawing with deadlines so I don't get lazy :-D. I'm interested in doing OC maquettes if you should want one, price dependent on the complexity of the character, but base price would be around $50 (materials alone is $30 or so). So if your interested on maquettes or anything in general please send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can :-).

On that note, I'm highly tempted to make a maquette of Old Gregg and sell it, think anyone would be willing to buy that? (I personally would drop quite a coin for one lol. Or perhaps even some Bailies)


So this shall be my Senior Project!

I've just spent a whole quarter on one concept, naturally I'm pretty proud of my unusual concentration on one project lol (I swear I have ADD XD) So I have a fancy slide show should you wanna quick skim, and I'll post the pics serprate should you want to really look at them :-)

Tis an eventful post for my lack of lately, apologies


El Temple

As you may know, I love the Temple of Cartoon Mojo. It's a great thing to go to to kinda draw stuff for the sheer fun of it, when you have a billion things with dead lines and grades riding on them, it's defiantly almost necessary to have a lil silly time. Which is probably why none of my Temple stuff is uber serious. However I have gotten a new laptop lately (yay) and that means I have to install all my programs again, which also means I no longer have a broken Corel Painter! This is great because for some reason the tool I used most (Scratch Board) was like...broken, messed up, I dunno something, and I was never able to find something to perfectly replicate it. Needless to say I've been tablet happy because of it, which I hope you can kinda see in my work compared to my old Temple stuff.
So yea..COLORS


mmm style

I uh. I hate printers right now lol. My printer kinda ruined my stuff, which made me sad because I WAS really happy with the lighting but...the printer KILLED my lighting thus it was pointed out the most. Very sad. These are not in sequential order and I'm going to redo Jambalaya to make me happy, at the moment..I don't like her at all. Maloney mentioned making her match with the background settings, and that might help me as far as direction. But yea. This is what the frames are suppose to look like, any comments would be great because I have to revise them. There was a mention of fixing the color palette, but I like all the orange and blues, so I'm going to work on like...something. Maybe more light on Jamba, of course I have to redo that whole frame anyway so not that big of a deal lol. And fix the bottom lighting on the voodoo dolls.

Anything else??


Fun with Filters

Some people don't really like filters, and for coloring I don't so much either. For Lighting however... I love it. You gotta be careful though you know, or else you can come up with a big chunk of ugly. However every now and again you can come up with some really flippin awesome psychedelic stuff! While not good for what your doing, it still can look awesome. So, here is an example, it's not what the end result picture looks like, but I just...I love it so much lol, the tree contrast is AWESOME!


Senior Project Style Shot

Guess what style I'm going for. XD
I still can't get something right about the character design though. I don't know what kinda secret they have...but one day...I must acquire it.

any thoughts??

Goblins have to walk too!

Yay for walk cycles? I will be the first to admit that I am less then happy with my 3d animation, it is something I defiantly need to work on. But I'm pretty happy with this lil dude's walk cycle (and that I half way remember lighting, hurrah) I couldn't get the infinity thing to work, but it loops pretty good when you have loop on :-P



sorry for the bit of hiatus. I was in awesome California visiting a billion studios. I'll hopefully post some pictures up when I get them uploaded on my computer :-)

in the meanwhile this was my submission for the harry potter themed thing. It makes me giggle. The students would be me, Cara and Brent, even though he knows nothing really of Harry Potter, but it was really playing off of how simple the spells are and playing with the words a bit (wingardium leviosa for example...it was a feather...that levitated.) So the new Temple has to do with actual posting pin ups in a comic, that is flippin sweet!
Looks like I'll have to put my actual sequential game on :-). I can do things other then cartoony you know, I just like making people smile ^^. But a nice "that is flippin sweet!" would be good once and a while. I'll have to pull out all my old Gen 13 and Wild Cat stuff for reference. yayz.
Hopefully I'll find a GENSOMAN coloring tutorial to make it all the sweeter.



Not really, the word is just kinda stuck in my head.

SO ANYWAY, this was my final animation for Digital Layout I... I'm pretty sure I'll use my last animation elective to be Digital Layout II as that's the only way I can use 2d in class :-)

Tullie (the human) is made of about 98% symbols, because I wanted to get the cel look right for the character, who by the way does not belong to me, but to the maker of Hey Poodle! Jacque Pierro.

Really adorable for girls. If a guy goes sporting this stuff around though....it'd be kinda weird, no matter what your sexual preference.

but yea, I think it's almost obscenely cute compared to the stuff I have been doing for the past few years...it's kinda a nice change :-D!


MMM, tasty. A real way of torture, making a music video animatic in one day :-D! Might even beat waterboarding. rawr. In any case, this is my animatic I made for character design, and yes, some point in my life I do intend on animating it, with full color and such. The song does not belong to me, but Flyleaf, but the characters do.
If my actual animation is well received I might make more out of sheer boredom, as long as there is no deadline. Yikes. You can kind of see where I have lack on converting knowledge. Personally I turn all my Flash's into .swf. But no one takes them :-( So I did an AVI for convenience, but it looks all pixely and the sound is horrible.
It's a strange trade off for just a play button.



okay so, I think almost everyone my age had to watch this in elementary school. Dude, this was a major flash back. While the animation in it is less then par (dude...the evil dude's mouth doesn't move for like..a whole minute) and the size relation keeps jumping...and the perspective is off....it still was little films like these that inspired me to become what I am today :-) Same goes for Sailor Moon. It doesn't take something amazingly great to inspire you, it just takes something. There are some times where I think if I'm really going to make too much of a difference in the world, but in all reality, who needs to make a difference in the whole world when you can in just one person.

So, even though heavily critiqued and persecuted, sometimes badly made stuff can do wonders, so never fall under the persecution :-).



Oh dude. I don't know how you sequential people do it. Seriously. This took me all day. What's worse, It was one of those things were I could not be happy until I finished it. So like, I got only a wee bit of school work done, then I was like, I'll work on that page for a little bit. And a little bit turned into my whole day.
What the hay?
On good news though, this is like...the best kissing shot I have ever done...EVER. I'm so bad at drawing couples kissing, really, it's almost and insult. (Check out that nice little butt grip too, uh huh, he wants that >:-D) That alone took.. I swear thirty minutes to get right.

Anyway, I never do pages, and now you can kinda see why, I just can't panel all that hot. It's all right thought, I'm defiantly happy with the detail in it anyway

Mai Maquettes!!

Thanks to Nolans super dupery handy dandy (freakisly cute and little) camera, I now have pictures of my maquettes!!
Thanks Nolan :-D
So here they are, Pixie, Sophie and Barrett (in that order).
To see everyone else's awesome maquettes, visit the Temple of Cartoon Mojo in my links :-3