Fake mediums

well that was fun! coolest part, this is all in Photoshop! I know right, that's super cool. I have no real practice in the painterly effect, as I've spent all my life trying to make things look clean lol, so pardon the mess ^^;.

It was still really fun to do though, a super cool thing to play with.



yea, I'm weird, whatever X)
this is a animation I made in Photoshop with the new 3-D video layer thing. for the most part, it pretty much equals awesome, except I would like more control with the frame timings and such without having to convert it into thousands of layers.
So yea, straight ahead animation, obviously, as he changes sizes, but really it was just a fun thing to do


art tossin

yea fun times. You can color the venture one if you want X)
It's a challenge, that's for sure.
So the first two pics are something I did for my guild, we had to include all the active guild members, and I chose the theme of VENTURE, or more specifically, MONARCH.
Very exciting I thought (looky look! I'm Mrs. Dr. The Monarch) The last pic is just a doodle I did for fun, started out as messin around on the centique, then I turned it into something. I like it :-)
woo, I'm so artistically active when I'm in school lol.


Back at school!! :-D

Strange it seems that all I draw when I'm "chill drawing" is fat crossdressers XD. (bad ones XD). But yay! I'm back in school! Now maybe I can get inspired to do my demo reel for Disney. I gotta do it for Oct 20th, don't let me be lazy :-).

So yea, I'm excited. So expect an outrage of blogs ^^. Not to mention people people I link to will be active as well. Very excited, yay school ^^.