Art Dump

Oops, small blog neglectage. I've been posting my pictures on facebook and my website, so here is a small update. fancy pictures!



all done in flash. I think if I were to do another I would clean it up in photoshop, just to make it pretty. I would also probably make it much more complex too. This was kind of a "I wonder if I can do it" animation. I like how it turned out though.


Tek Jansen running

So I found one of my half finished animations while browsing around looking for things to put in my demo reel for SCAD, when I found this. I was like, OMG why didn't I finish this? I honestly don't know, so I decided to finish it! I don't think I have any run cycles to show anyway, now I do!

Tek Jansen belong to Stephen Colbert


sailor asteroids

expect more girly and frilly things... I'm feeling very frilly.


Water Color is Hard!

So I've been playing with this "apparently not so new" program, paint tool SAI. Dude, it's a beautiful range of Corel Painter and Photoshop. Though admittedly, it's not quite as handy as Photoshop, it still has great paint effects, including WATERCOLOR! I was very excited cause I've been wanting to play with water paint for the longest, but you know, digitally. And I think SAI is the closest you can get to it (though I am sure some people can channel it through PSD, those amazing people). So here I have a possible cover for a game I'm making, which is the VG version of Dream Pies, and I honestly love it to death! The game idea that is. I'm not sure my thoughts on this picture. It's not bad...but it's not a favorite either. But experimentation is good, no matter how you look at it.


portfolio site

new portfolio site up if you would care to see it!




I have officially graduated college :) Pretty excited