Water Color is Hard!

So I've been playing with this "apparently not so new" program, paint tool SAI. Dude, it's a beautiful range of Corel Painter and Photoshop. Though admittedly, it's not quite as handy as Photoshop, it still has great paint effects, including WATERCOLOR! I was very excited cause I've been wanting to play with water paint for the longest, but you know, digitally. And I think SAI is the closest you can get to it (though I am sure some people can channel it through PSD, those amazing people). So here I have a possible cover for a game I'm making, which is the VG version of Dream Pies, and I honestly love it to death! The game idea that is. I'm not sure my thoughts on this picture. It's not bad...but it's not a favorite either. But experimentation is good, no matter how you look at it.