So this shall be my Senior Project!

I've just spent a whole quarter on one concept, naturally I'm pretty proud of my unusual concentration on one project lol (I swear I have ADD XD) So I have a fancy slide show should you wanna quick skim, and I'll post the pics serprate should you want to really look at them :-)

Tis an eventful post for my lack of lately, apologies


El Temple

As you may know, I love the Temple of Cartoon Mojo. It's a great thing to go to to kinda draw stuff for the sheer fun of it, when you have a billion things with dead lines and grades riding on them, it's defiantly almost necessary to have a lil silly time. Which is probably why none of my Temple stuff is uber serious. However I have gotten a new laptop lately (yay) and that means I have to install all my programs again, which also means I no longer have a broken Corel Painter! This is great because for some reason the tool I used most (Scratch Board) was like...broken, messed up, I dunno something, and I was never able to find something to perfectly replicate it. Needless to say I've been tablet happy because of it, which I hope you can kinda see in my work compared to my old Temple stuff.
So yea..COLORS