Cover Band...Cover

Here is the cover to the story I am currently working on at the moment that I am totally elated about. Like..much more then normal. Might be because it's a change from my usual stuff..I hope :). But I love it! My friend Kirsten is helping me with some of the writing, sense I get writers block like crazy, but all is well, and I've got this one fleshed out completely. Though if there are to be any sequels with these two I'm not sure, as their story is a pretty open and close case.
But who knows.

Also I have yet to post some life drawing things, hands and animals and such, but I'm still working on it :).
draw draw draw :D


I'm Old Gregg

Pencil test for Old Gregg. I plan to clean it up one day with fancy backgrounds and all that jazz.
by the by, Old Gregg is property of The Mighty Boosh (Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett)