Surviving those silly zombies

For your amusement, I am posting my first flash ^^ It was meant to be in the Don Hertzfeldt style, thus explaining the lovely stick like figures

Sorry about the crappy sounds, I know not much about sound compressors....or any compressor for that matter

by the way, to give credit where due, the amazing and awesome music in the background is J-E-N-O-V-A which can be heard in the Final Fantasy VII sound track. It is very catchy, as is every single song in that game.


new layout

Layout is finally changed (and not so blinding). Features the ever lovely Radjulon....just about everywhere. I wish I could do something much more awesome, but for the moment, this is all my html skills can do me for (it's been quite a while).

And now, after spending the last 2 hours doing this...I should probably do my homework for tomorrow :-0

To many cute things

I was skimming threw my collective today (quite a task too, I have so many copies of my maya stuff it isn't funny) looking for images to put inside of my portfolio CD for the Cali trip, when I found this. Oddly enough, though I'm still very happy with it, people often say it's "Creepy". I just don't see why 0.0

For small explanation, there was a time were I was doing a "Chipmunk series" with game stars as chipmunks (before that cursed movie came out). In it I had Sora, Relm, and was going to do others, but the only one I really ever finished was the YRP gang (Yuna, Rikku, Paine). While I don't think I should put it in my portfolio by any means, I do find it to flippin awesome to not show off :-)

On that note, I wish I had scanned in my character sheets before turning them in lol. Oh well.


Super Hero Fun

Something I did for my drawing for sequential class (oddly enough..I didn't have to take intro first lol). The assignment was to do a restaurant environment, and to make it FEEL like a restaurant. At first I was going to go with those cool little outside Japanese bar type restaurants, but I wasn't quite feeling it. So instead I went with a long time (somewhat inside) joke of the Super Hero Bar. Most the hero's in there belong to Marvel or DC, but you can see Dark Horse's star right smack in the dead front.

Cause I love him so.
Of course I had to throw in Divi and Ru (characters from a sadly hiatus webcomic of mine), as they maintain the bar ^^ anyway, really it's just a fun project that I loved doing. Though the perspective is a bit warped :-(

Will be colored one day...really!
Oh yea, it's watermarked, because DA is cool like that <3


Character Fun

Well, back at the dorms with my ever so precious scanner. And I have scanned many things. I'm thinking I would very much like a bigger one though, cause putting together four images to make one large one (for my line up) doesn't work so well. So please bare that in mind, it may no all match up evenly...especially the dread pirates hat.

The second image is my persona in a tasty turnaround. If it were to be actually graded I'd probably add a 3/4 view, cause I'm cool like that lol.


Breaking in.

Hello there :-)

I figured it was about time for me to have a blog with actual point and meaning. What better meaning then what I'm pretty much good for, drawing :-D. This will pretty much set not only a visual view of (hopefully) improvement but also a cool way to show what I'm working on via school or personal projects. I know I always get a few questions here and there about my stuff, and referring people to my DA all the time can be a bit tedious, so hopefully this'll help. Layout will be bound to change soon by the way, I hate plain templates :-). Just a matter or getting my old HTML habits back into drive eh?

Anyway, for my first post I suppose I'll put down one of my first successful character sheets, I did it a couple years ago, but gosh darn it I still love it so ^^ new posts as soon as I get back in my dorm! <3