it's been a bit

Not that I haven't done anything, it's just I haven't done anything I find worth too much posting. Cept a few things. My senior project is technically done, hurrah. Only problem is there is no sound to it, which is most unfortunate. Got some scenes though.

This isn't from the film, it's just something I did. Fun times? Uploaded kinda pixely.

Character Design of Chaxx, Radjulon's tiger fellow. He makes me smile. This was ideally done to show I can have more detailed stuff and not be so cartoony, but of course he ended a bit stylized. I still like him though. I did research on indian warriors, and thus is Chaxx.

This was a doll that I made for my friend Kelli's website and cards. It suppose to have that creepy genre. I want a doll like it :(