Hey Pasties!

I wanted a cool picture of myself too (everyone else does XD). Now see, I use to pretty much work 100% in Corel, and really I still love working in Corel, because it's sensitivity to the tablet is quite lickable, but there is no pen tool to my knowledge, and lately I've been getting fast with the pen tool! (like my high school days, ah memories of the mouse.) But yea, now I have a decent me drawing...with very large lips 0.0.

On that note, I'm doing commissions should anyone be interested. I need some money and to continue drawing with deadlines so I don't get lazy :-D. I'm interested in doing OC maquettes if you should want one, price dependent on the complexity of the character, but base price would be around $50 (materials alone is $30 or so). So if your interested on maquettes or anything in general please send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can :-).

On that note, I'm highly tempted to make a maquette of Old Gregg and sell it, think anyone would be willing to buy that? (I personally would drop quite a coin for one lol. Or perhaps even some Bailies)