I never knew how much the Disney store...really needs people to pre-order their movies 0.0. How do I know this? Cause, often when I'm on the floor, that's what I'm selling. Dude, if you wanna make someone's day at the Disney store, pre-order the movie they are promoting, the WHOLE store will love you for it. No seriously, even if your the "only one", you'll be loved. It's amazing how many people ignore you when your talking to them lol.
It is fun there though, wouldn't be so peppy about it anywhere else lol. I can just imagine, "Hey, wanna pre-order.....Bratz on Dvd??? *shudder*"
Yay, quick coming


Oh...my...God....their back :'-D

Disney Animation

Ok. I'm going to be as calm about this as possible. That site up there, has nothing to do with the ever....unhelpful Disney.com.
Rather, (OMG Pixar I love you) due to Disney Animation Studios getting their soul back from the Devil, they are once again focusing on the film aspects of things. I'm just going to say...that yes, I nearly had a heart attack while looking through the site. NOTE to my fellow student animators, READ their FAQ as if it were a animators bible, and not the production kind. They not only practically smack into what people want to see in portfolios and such, but also give you lovely tips of kindness, such as, "NO you don't need professional experience....if your good <:-D"
What does this mean?
Enough slacking around just drawing this and that! I got till Oct 20th to submit my stuff to Disney, and I'm actually going to do it this time. I'll get some rough animation (a scene or something) done in my Senior Project, layout some backgrounds and draw people and animals like crazy! Quick sketch that is. As Disney is coming back to life before my eyes I can't help but become overwhelmed with joy. For the longest I thought that Disney was gone, faded away into the shadows of Pixar and insults like that cursed yippy dog movie (Not Bolt...the..other one..I can't spell, you know, the dogs that kinda look like rats).
BUT LOW AND BEHOLD!! They cometh! they cometh back!! Hopefully...very strong. Unfortunately so much lies on the head of Princess and the Frog, as it already is filled with controversy (kinda ridiculous in my opinion, I'm happy they chose to have a black princess) I'm a little worried. But I shouldn't, Disney is, I'm sure, more then aware


On that note, I've pretty much decided I wanna be a storyboard artist. For sure. Quinn got me hooked on it and Nolan got me loving to present them :-3
I <3 my crazy professors!


Fun with Scratchboard

Just some fun I'm havin with my scratchboard tool. Oh how greatful to God I am for that wonderful Corel tool lol. Top image is the every awesome Dr. WifeofMonarch in her queen butterfly suit (which I love!) and the bottom is a random lil comic page I did for a guild member in my Gaia guild. Anyway, outside of Dr. WifeofMonarch's face (er Sheela) I'm pretty happy with the two. I can never get her face right 0.0. Seriously, even in the previous picture it looked kinda wonked. I make her look kinda manly....maybe cause I have her voice in the back of my head? Not sure.


HE'S OLD! he lived in a van down by the river!!

He's a cockney geezer!! No I like him, originally it was meant for something else but that person said it wasn't really what he was looking for...at all lol, so in such case, the old man is mine now. I think I can think of something for him, he makes me smile. I'm gunna shave his head though, make him bald. Because all the good crazies are bald.


UPDATE!!! Princess and the Frog!


Yes sir! Finally we get to see something more then just that balcony picture! Heck! They did a good job keepin' this sucker under wraps ^^ But it's out now!! Many thanks to the Disney Blog, which you can visit via my side bar.
This is HIGHLY exciting!! Apparently the official website is up as well! Much rejoicing!!


SUPPORT DISNEY! Disney supports you :-3