I'm alive, kinda

I've been posting much less then usual because I've been beyond the statement of busy, and with technically nothing worth showing for it. But I pulled out one finished scene of my senior project so that ya'll can have an idea of what it's going to look like and such. The animation and color on this scene was done by me, but the line work was done by Amanda Powell.
He's burping in this scene, Amanda's working on the sound at the moment. So yay. Special effects.
Please keep in mind that I rendered this low so that it would not take up a massive amount of memory on the blog, also the video keeps pausing at the begining for some reason, which is very unsettling...

I've also been working on 3D stuff again. A little better then I use to be, but still not entirely happy with the medium. I've been using Andy only, as he/she is the only model I can get to work on the time line... I figure I must be doing something wrong...
The second video is a line from Clue, besides from the slight stiffness when she's pointing out the FLAMES I'm pretty happy with this one.

if you want to do some 3D work of your own and don't have time to make a rig (or simply don't know how too) you should go here >> Highend3d.com
go to the downloads section, they are over a hundred rigs for you to play with.