And then followed the pug

So Sophie is now done. Pixie's maquette is painted and some of Barrett is.


finished finished pixie

Okay so Pixie is DONE! set!
Finito!! I got her maquette cooked and ready to prime and paint (to which I'll do tomorrow with Barrett) and that is...out of the way :-). I also have most of Sophie's stuff colored, but I haven't made her maquette yet cause I ran out of epoxy puddy. Hopefully Nolan will have some in class tommorrow 0.0. Then I can start on her Armature. Then I'll have alllll that out of the way! Hoorah! So really all I have left is barrett's action sheet, the undesigned child's stuff and a lineup!
not too bad XD


Super Hero Dating!!

Choose your mate by ~Divs on deviantART

I felt so bad for not going to class today :-( But alas it was crucial. I've been working on this thing for days now...DAYS. And today I've been working on it 12 hours strait. In other words...yea, it wouldn't be done. Sorry Nolan :-(. But....I kinda already have one maquette done already so..eh heh ^^.

I guess you have to click the big pink button to actually see the flash. Don't worry, it didn't take me days to make a pink box with a heart and words lol.

Anyway, hope ya'll like this. It's very click...the sound is a bit off though


just some stuff

I really out to get started on the darn thing. Future graphic novel I think...Might animate it, as I can't seem to panel worth anything.

wasting a perfectly good day

Okay so. As far as school work goes, I completley threw the day away. Probably not the best choice, but then again...it's been about 6 weeks so, I guess one day can't hurt too bad.
It's not like I was 100% lazy, I did do something for the temple. and since it's 4:20 am...it's not like you know...I just shoved something together XD.

Initially I was going to do a comic book page since I went to the Storytelling lecture. But after working on it for about 3 hours, I still wasn't feeling it like I was during the thumbnails of it. Guess my brain snapped off. So I scrapped it. I like this though, it's cute. I was contemplating doing some shading, but I think flats suit it pretty well. Also I realized that people hear me obsess over Mr. Wagner a bunch, but I don't think that many people here have seen me draw him (I use to draw him like...religiously in high school). This is a more cartoony version of him rather them comic, but I think it's cute ^^.

In other news... I look really batman animated on that pillow 0.0. Must be the lips.


precolored action sheets

last update for the day! Hoorah.
honestly, I ADORE the cleanup system Nolan showed us, I just can't get the coloring to my liking :-(
Probably cause I'm use to like...ULTRA SHADING.
That's my guess anyway, cause I'm not that bad at coloring, just when I try coloring with different tools ^^;;


Rapid updates!
Now I have three turn arounds done! Excitement! I don't know if I'll be able to do all the other things though :-( Coloring Sophie took longer then I thought 0.0. She does have more to color, plus I accidently merged the layers before I did cuts and well...prolonged the process.

Much Better

Yay for fat lines??
I dunno. In any case, I'm pretty happy with it now. So I got 2 out of 4 turn around completely done. Lets see how far I go today!
The goal is to have at least all 3 action sheets and turn arounds completely done, and hopes to finish up the stupid child eventually (I'm having issues with him). But if I can finish the band, then I can start my maquettes, which is great cause I'm like....horrible at them, and I want to do all three....
Luck please?


simice and june

How can someone marry someone so ugly and mean???!! I ask myself this, and because I love back story to EVERYTHING, I figured it out.

He can dance.

If you can dance smooth, you got that chick in the bag, as it were.

I was practicing with Celesse's version of watercoloring, but I don't think I did it right. She uses painter 6, and I got painter 9, and....the options are different. So naturally it didn't do that well....at all. But I figured I'd post it. Since it has to do with a past school project.

But hey, I found a new inking tool at least, that's just snazy.

Barrett the drumer!!

Not sure how I feel on this coloring method. It's defiantly different, and it looks nice, but all the pixels while I'm coloring is very distracting to my brain 0.0. On another note. This is the colored version of Barrett's turn around. I've been going on minimal sleep for the past few days now and I meant to come back to the dorm to take a nap...and ended up coloring :-D! Thus goes the life of me.
So I might nap now, or feel lazy and do some action poses or re-design Sophie, or better yet...mayhaps some psychology homework. But that'll probably be delayed till I watch Colbert as always, it's almost a type of classical conditioning, do your psychology homework, get to watch Colbert.

Anyway, there's Barrett.


Cleaned up Character Design

Hooray for unfinished character sheets!! They aren't colored yet, in the fact that I wanted to color them in the way that Nolan showed me, unfortunately my brain didn't get past the clean up part, I remember the mask...but not entirely the before and after of that lol. Luckily he said he'd give us some tutorials later, so all is well. Anyway, back on topic, these are my character designs for my OCs in the class (though I think we only needed one...as a group they ARE one. I just blew your mind!).
They are based off my precious babies at home (my pets are indeed my babies) and I hope the personality comes threw pretty well based off their poses/design. Though Sophie is a bit weak, but honestly her personality is just food driven....and attention at that. I don't think dogs have quite so much personality as cats do, that or I have some seriously crazy cats. They do think they are human >.> Which is why it was pretty easy to depict them ^^.

As far as maquette goes though....I can't decide if I want to do them all...or one, I might just be a busy beaver.


Attack of Radj

Because I'm absolutely procrastinating and it's lovely outside (raining), honestly, I just want to stay in and lay in bed ^^. Love the rain. Anyway, I did this during the summer, right after Shawn gave me a full adoration of the quill pen. I always thought I would hate the thing cause of the whole dipping junk, but when I actually tried it, it was very nice! Granted, the only one I really like is Speedball 7 cause it's nice and bendy like a brush (though I hate inking with brushes) unlike the others. Way too stiff. Anyway I figured that I have Rad in my little icon, but I could show the whole thing :-).
Colored in Corel IX, cause that is my main source of awesome, mostly cause my Photoshop is kinda funky for some reason.

Also, a bunch of other fun Rad pictures, this way I can post something new next time :-D! Like my Character Design people.

(Look how much she changes 0.0 I need some continuity)


Rad animation

I am so glad I went with Radj's simpler character design for this, because it took so long to do lol. Funny how a few days turns to just 31 seconds. This is pretty much solely symbol animation, with the exception of her head turning, it was a little difficult trying to think in absolute layers, but kinda fun at the same time. hope ya'll like it!