mmm style

I uh. I hate printers right now lol. My printer kinda ruined my stuff, which made me sad because I WAS really happy with the lighting but...the printer KILLED my lighting thus it was pointed out the most. Very sad. These are not in sequential order and I'm going to redo Jambalaya to make me happy, at the moment..I don't like her at all. Maloney mentioned making her match with the background settings, and that might help me as far as direction. But yea. This is what the frames are suppose to look like, any comments would be great because I have to revise them. There was a mention of fixing the color palette, but I like all the orange and blues, so I'm going to work on like...something. Maybe more light on Jamba, of course I have to redo that whole frame anyway so not that big of a deal lol. And fix the bottom lighting on the voodoo dolls.

Anything else??


Fun with Filters

Some people don't really like filters, and for coloring I don't so much either. For Lighting however... I love it. You gotta be careful though you know, or else you can come up with a big chunk of ugly. However every now and again you can come up with some really flippin awesome psychedelic stuff! While not good for what your doing, it still can look awesome. So, here is an example, it's not what the end result picture looks like, but I just...I love it so much lol, the tree contrast is AWESOME!


Senior Project Style Shot

Guess what style I'm going for. XD
I still can't get something right about the character design though. I don't know what kinda secret they have...but one day...I must acquire it.

any thoughts??

Goblins have to walk too!

Yay for walk cycles? I will be the first to admit that I am less then happy with my 3d animation, it is something I defiantly need to work on. But I'm pretty happy with this lil dude's walk cycle (and that I half way remember lighting, hurrah) I couldn't get the infinity thing to work, but it loops pretty good when you have loop on :-P