ha....I'm happy


staying inside

OmG I could kill myself for making a hut X3
Oh well, outside of some fixes I'm almost positive I'll be making, the inside of Jambalaya's hut is done. **and there was much rejoicing* yay

now I might have a wee bit time to work on that Nightcrawler flash for temple, and maybe to a separate image for back up reasons, I'm not really sure if Blogger uploads .swf files. And if I miss a day based on Nightcrawler, then the world would end, and it'd be my fault :-/
Then I'd get complaint letters, which are no fun.


background crazy

I'm not sure if it's the monitor or what, but the color on these seem to be a whole lot more dull then how they are suppose to be. Monitors don't agree with me. :-/
anyway, three backgrounds for my senior project (out of 14 Xo) but...the color on these uploaded ones are really bothering me...cause that's not right...


Movies to look foward too


well I mean, this was posted a few weeks ago, but I find it exciting.

Tim Burton + Alice in Wonderland + Stop-motion + a dash of Johnny Depp = Win.

not to mention a few other goodies, yay more pirate movies :-3
I'm not a fan of on going sequels myself...but I can never get enough of those pirates! Especially the hate chemistry between Barbossa and Jack.

Maybe they'll leave out the love birds in this one <3
Hopefully they wont do anything stupid and make it super retarded.

Uhhhhmmm there is other cool news in that link to, but I can't recall at this moment, so like, read it.