Oh no! it's an Olaf!

It's an Olaf! I believe that's how you spell it. Now Olaf, in his awesomeness, is not my character, but rather, belongs in the loving care of Brent Morris, a good friend of mine, who has kindly lent him to me so that he can be laughed at in my senior film. If you look at my previous story boards, you'll see where he appears. But he is a viking, and Helena's (Jiggie's) first love. Naturally, a pirate would fall for a viking... Wheter they are in the same time frame or not, as being a fun little animation, is irrelevant, says I. Though, perhaps I'll look into one day, cause I know there are people that are bothered by that, IN FACT that is why I hate the Rudolph saves New Year movie so much, because it completley destroys the time frame of the first Rudolph movie, it just makes no sense 0.0.
Anyway, Olaf isn't mine, but I did this picture for my senior film, It's meant to be more painterly then the rest of the film, however, it just may also double as Brent's movie poster, which is also pretty humourous. So in all reality, I kinda hope during our Senior showings mine shows after Brents, just so some people can see the connection, a little inside humor.


Candy Wars Logo

My first successful work in the Logo department, successful in the fact that the people who needed it loved it, so that works for me. Professionals might hate it lol. Candy Wars is a game that SCAD-ATL students (and some GA tech I do believe) are working on. I think that's all I'm gunna say lol.


Temple Banners

So apparently as of right now, Nolan and I are the only people to submit banners for the Temple.
I wanted to go for something that captured the sequential department, while it is not my major, it is my minor, and while I'm not quite nearly as knowledgeable on it as the majors are, I do find it epically awesome. So, with the top one I wanted to go with the older batman/ super man comics that were lovingly cheese and badly colored, and I added a fun reference to my intro course, while I do not advocate Bob at all, I have to say it was fun to kill him in multiple and horrible ways.
And then the second one is just really...how my sketchbook looks in the first place, and I tried adding all the professors in there, felt a lil bad though, cause I don't really know anything about Roy 0.0. So he's just kinda....oooo'ing.
But yea, not as pretty as Nolan's, but it was fun to make them :-)