sorry for the bit of hiatus. I was in awesome California visiting a billion studios. I'll hopefully post some pictures up when I get them uploaded on my computer :-)

in the meanwhile this was my submission for the harry potter themed thing. It makes me giggle. The students would be me, Cara and Brent, even though he knows nothing really of Harry Potter, but it was really playing off of how simple the spells are and playing with the words a bit (wingardium leviosa for example...it was a feather...that levitated.) So the new Temple has to do with actual posting pin ups in a comic, that is flippin sweet!
Looks like I'll have to put my actual sequential game on :-). I can do things other then cartoony you know, I just like making people smile ^^. But a nice "that is flippin sweet!" would be good once and a while. I'll have to pull out all my old Gen 13 and Wild Cat stuff for reference. yayz.
Hopefully I'll find a GENSOMAN coloring tutorial to make it all the sweeter.



Not really, the word is just kinda stuck in my head.

SO ANYWAY, this was my final animation for Digital Layout I... I'm pretty sure I'll use my last animation elective to be Digital Layout II as that's the only way I can use 2d in class :-)

Tullie (the human) is made of about 98% symbols, because I wanted to get the cel look right for the character, who by the way does not belong to me, but to the maker of Hey Poodle! Jacque Pierro.

Really adorable for girls. If a guy goes sporting this stuff around though....it'd be kinda weird, no matter what your sexual preference.

but yea, I think it's almost obscenely cute compared to the stuff I have been doing for the past few years...it's kinda a nice change :-D!


MMM, tasty. A real way of torture, making a music video animatic in one day :-D! Might even beat waterboarding. rawr. In any case, this is my animatic I made for character design, and yes, some point in my life I do intend on animating it, with full color and such. The song does not belong to me, but Flyleaf, but the characters do.
If my actual animation is well received I might make more out of sheer boredom, as long as there is no deadline. Yikes. You can kind of see where I have lack on converting knowledge. Personally I turn all my Flash's into .swf. But no one takes them :-( So I did an AVI for convenience, but it looks all pixely and the sound is horrible.
It's a strange trade off for just a play button.



okay so, I think almost everyone my age had to watch this in elementary school. Dude, this was a major flash back. While the animation in it is less then par (dude...the evil dude's mouth doesn't move for like..a whole minute) and the size relation keeps jumping...and the perspective is off....it still was little films like these that inspired me to become what I am today :-) Same goes for Sailor Moon. It doesn't take something amazingly great to inspire you, it just takes something. There are some times where I think if I'm really going to make too much of a difference in the world, but in all reality, who needs to make a difference in the whole world when you can in just one person.

So, even though heavily critiqued and persecuted, sometimes badly made stuff can do wonders, so never fall under the persecution :-).



Oh dude. I don't know how you sequential people do it. Seriously. This took me all day. What's worse, It was one of those things were I could not be happy until I finished it. So like, I got only a wee bit of school work done, then I was like, I'll work on that page for a little bit. And a little bit turned into my whole day.
What the hay?
On good news though, this is like...the best kissing shot I have ever done...EVER. I'm so bad at drawing couples kissing, really, it's almost and insult. (Check out that nice little butt grip too, uh huh, he wants that >:-D) That alone took.. I swear thirty minutes to get right.

Anyway, I never do pages, and now you can kinda see why, I just can't panel all that hot. It's all right thought, I'm defiantly happy with the detail in it anyway

Mai Maquettes!!

Thanks to Nolans super dupery handy dandy (freakisly cute and little) camera, I now have pictures of my maquettes!!
Thanks Nolan :-D
So here they are, Pixie, Sophie and Barrett (in that order).
To see everyone else's awesome maquettes, visit the Temple of Cartoon Mojo in my links :-3


The Frog Princess

Okay so this is pretty neat. New images (remotley new anyway) of Disney's "The Frog Princess" were posted on animationnation, link to said images can be found here

Pictures of Concept

What's so neat about it? Well, personally, outside of the fact that there is FINALLY another 2D film coming from the Disney studio that isn't a retched sequel, they are going for something a little different. The style isn't the typical Disney, it's more like....graffiti Disney. I mean, there is defiantly Disney qualities in there, but it's more plumps then usual (Kinda like my stuff lol). What I like about it is how the are combining the real Urban feel and trying to make her still come off as Princess. A bit of a difficult task actually. The only picture I don't like is the finished one at the bottom where she is wearing the white dress. It seems to completely destroy the concept of the...concepts.


And the rest

Okay so. Now that I have shown them in class, I'll post the rest of my little band. hoorah.
I don't have pictures of my Maquettes because I don't have a camera :-(. Sorry. I might be able to post them up some day though, along with Jiggie, cause she still makes my heart smile. Probably cause she was my first one XD. While she does indeed have flaws in her, she still is Pirate :-3. We must stick together lol.
Everyone did a super awesome job though, seriously. I felt so official in there XD. So, good job all ye character design people :-D