summer summer summer time

So suddenly I got my drawing kick in. It's been a little more slow paced then usual (normally after a long spout of drawing, out will pop like...100 pictures) but hey, I'm happy. Quality over quantity I guess (though nice to have both :-P )
Anyway, the top picture, if you know me at all, you know that...I draw chipmunks as the equivalent to others chibi's. It's almost a trademark lol. Anyway, that's me and a friend of mine, Kelli, our Second Life avis' in our twin outfits. I'm super happy with the coloring, I kinda took a note from Nolan's coloring method but like.... colored it different lol. more airbrushy, anti-alias if you will (nolan hates that XD). But the flats are all like he does it, it's the shading that'd different.
It's a lovely coloring technique, really it is, for the patient. It just sometimes bothers me to see it all pixely and pretty later lol. I like fast results 0.0

Anyway, the second picture was for my mama who wanted a picture for her myspace (we kinda forced her to get one lol). It's all with the scratchboard tool on Corel (my love, my life, what would I ever do without you?!) I was goin for the 50's housewife look. Not typically something I focus on at all, but my mama wanted it, and what mama wants, mama gets. Anyway, I'm happy with how they both turned out. They were both colored two very different ways, both styled two different ways, but I think you can see me in them :-3 Probably all the roundness 0.0
I don't think I draw ANYTHING with hard edges... Might of accidentally gained that habit from Lilo & Stitch...


just a day in the life of me

Not really an artful update, but how many times in my life can I say I caressed the chin of Hellboy and stroked Darkness's arm muscle?
Very rarely. While maybe one day I might be lucky enough to meet Ron Pearlman dressed in red (doubtful) this will have to do for now.
Should you ever have a chance to go to a wax museum, I suggest it, it is severely fun!

and full of hot red muscles



It's amazing how little I want to draw when I'm out of school. This is most likely because I am mostly inspired by my friends, especially our more then bizarre conversations. Without having people to knock ideas off of to grow into an enormous amount of WTH? I'm quite unmotivated. So, I drew us in hopes that it helped lol. We got our jokingly acclaimed ring leader (though half way true) Brent in the center, our commodity Justin in the hat, Kelli stealin my tablet pen, Amanda trying to scare the camera and Stacie looking innocent...but we all know better. So I guess it's just a fun pic. OH Shout out to Brent who's birthday is tomorrow!

my...guess of the school colors in the back...what is our school colors anyway?